What is sales and BD?

-Meaning of sales
-Meaning of BD
-Examples of both Sales and BD
-Difference between Sales and BD


-Meaning of prospecting
-Why prospecting
-Process of prospecting
-Advantages of prospecting
-Channels of prospecting
-Enrich your pipeline
-Utility of various in channel in the process of prospecting

How to qualify leads?

-Understanding and analyzing the background of the prospects
-Notice while communicating
-Ask certain types/bundles of questions that helps to qualify the lead

Generations and closure of leads

-What is lead generation?
-Channels of generating the leads
-Types of leads – B2C and B2B
-Converting the lead
-Retention of client
-Re-orders from the existing client

Outbound sales

-What is outbound sales?
-Advantages of outbound sales
-How to close deals quicly with help of outbound sales

Cold Calling

-Few things to learn about cold calling

Supplementary learning

-Social media marketing
-Writing effective emaills and messages
-Basic learning of email marketing
-Introduction to SEO and it’s mechanism
-Marketing & selling skills

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