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Hiteshi Upadhyay

Owner and CEO

There is a fascinating story behind the idea of Sales Burgh. I have worked in the sales and marketing department of the IT industry for more than four years. I just discovered that people don’t value the work of their employees. No matter how much effort employees put in, the top people are always unhappy. So, I wanted to start something that can motivate people to work for themselves and make money. Sales Burgh helps people to be independent to earn money.

So, if you are tired of working for others, you have come to the right place. Freelancers that everyone wants to work with.

It’s time to “Become your own Boss.”

What is Sales Burgh

Sales Burgh is an online virtual place where you will get to learn few important tips about generating sizable amount of leads specially if your into IT sector. Just few short courses you need to finish and become an expert of outbound sales.

Why Sales Burgh

Keeps you updated with trend

Direct communication or support by Owner

Competitive prices

Get chance to boost your career in Sales

Supplementary skill development

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